Own Your Business Processes with Xero

Xero has introduced a new version of its employee self-service app Xero Me with built-in expense monitoring, making it simpler for businesses and their workers to keep track of their spending.

Small company staff in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom using Xero Payroll will be able to file expense claims in the same place as payslips, timesheets, and leave requests are submitted.

Simona Turin, the firm’s general manager of business products, said in a press release that the company’s reinvented Xero Me app may help both small company owners and their employees. She added:

“Processes like onboarding, leave and expense management is time-consuming but critical to the optimal performance of any small business. ]

The Xero platform is designed to make life easier for small business owners — so we wanted to give them and their staff an even easier way to manage those fundamental employee processes.”

Xero Me

Employees are already using the Xero Me app to manage significant people processes on their own, and Xero has plans to add even more features into the application in the future.

The redesigned application removes the need for employees to transition between numerous apps, systems, and workflows when handling critical employee procedures while also providing a smoother employee experience.

Employers may also ensure that data is readily inputted and retained in one place.

In phases, the Xero Me experience is now available to all of Xero’s global clients.

In countries outside of Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, functionalities relating to expenses will be added. Because Expenses-only functionality will be implemented shortly, this will still allow worldwide employees to submit expense claims using the app.

Starting this month, Xero Expenses users who already have an account on the worldwide platform will be able to use globally with a “Submitter” role.

To submit their expense claims, existing Xero Expenses users with an account on the worldwide platform will be able to utilize the reimagined Xero Me app.

Any claims, however, must still be reviewed and approved using the standalone Xero Expenses app by global Xero Expenses approvers and admins.