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OnePlus 11 is available here and is a little bit early

This week, OnePlus is said to be holding some type of OnePlus 11 reveal event in China, which may be an indication of a peculiar launch strategy similar to the one that was used for the introduction of the OnePlus 10 Pro a year ago. If you remember, OnePlus introduced the 10 Pro to the world for the first time in China just as the clock struck 2022, but the company waited many months before beginning to supply the device in the United States. It seems as if that could be the plan once again for the year 2023.

People have gone to Weibo to share photos of themselves holding actual gadgets in anticipation of an event that will begin in a few hours. Although I am aware that OnePlus has previously disclosed the smartphone to the press using official press renderings, they offer us that real-world feel, which often reveals a different tale.

The OnePlus 11 seen in these images seems to be around the same size as the majority of OnePlus’ flagship devices, which means that it isn’t very compact. They (sadly) confirm that at least one of the colour possibilities will be glossy glass, and this comes days after I complimented OnePlus for their use of matte glass in 2022. Of course, this comes days after I praised OnePlus for their usage of glossy glass. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the black edition will keep its matte or frosted finish.

Aside from the gloss, we don’t learn anything else new; the only thing we take away from this is that the camera housing is enormous… and spherical. The product has an appearance that is both reminiscent of other flagships from 2022 and yet more advanced than those products. It is quite likely due to the circular housing as opposed to the many square housings that we have seen over the previous year.

In case you had forgotten, OnePlus has previously stated that it will have a worldwide launch event for this phone on February 7th. If you are interested in attending, you can find more information here. At that time, we anticipate learning more about the launch plans for the United States.