On Android, the Gmail app has surpassed 10 billion instals, which is only slightly more than your unread emails

What is the length of time you’ve had your Gmail address? Isn’t it longer than you’ve been in your current job? Is it possible to have a relationship that lasts longer than your current one? Google’s free email service has become something of an internet institution. As we look forward to seeing how it evolves over the next 20 years, the Gmail Android app has reached a historic milestone, with 10 billion installs on the Google Play Store.

Granted, Gmail comes preinstalled on a lot of Android smartphones, but we’re not going to let that detract from this feat. Gmail is the latest in a long line of essential Google programs to reach the 10-billion-user mark, beginning with Play services and progressing through YouTube and Maps. These are the only four Android apps to have ever achieved this stratospheric height, together with Gmail.

What will be the next Android app to reach 10 billion downloads? The Search app, as well as Chrome, appears to be plausible candidates. It’s safe to assume that Facebook will be the first non-Google app to join the club, but will it be able to beat Google’s ubiquitous browser to the punch? In only a few more months, we might find out.