Top 10 Best of Radioshack Amplifiers 2021

1. RadioShack Half Watt Amplifier Kit

  • Component video for high- defination signals
  • Impedance- 75 ohms (video), 475 ohms (audio in), 1 k ohms (audio out)
  • Distributes a single a/v signal to four components
  • Maintains a/v signal strength
  • Frequency- 20 khz (audio), 60 mhz (component video), 6 mhz (composite video)

2. RadioShack Component Video Distribution Amplifier 1-in/4-out

  • All contacts are gold-plated to provide optimum signal transfer
  • Boosts s-video signal to compensate for long cable runs (between 25-100 feet)
  • Fixed 2db gain

3. RadioShack 1-in/4-out Bidirectional Cable TV Amplifier

  • Maximizes digital audio signals
  • Boosts signals by up to 4.5db
  • Radio shack fiber optic signal amplifier (15-1588 )
  • Perfect for long distance cable runs
  • Toslink connectors

4. Radio Shack S-video Signal Amplifier

  • Operating frequency ranges: 54mhz to 3ghz (forward path); 5 to 40mhz (reverse path)
  • Boosts cable tv signals by up to 8db, while minimizing interference
  • Purchase from radioshack usa for free technical support an 1-year warranty

5. Radio Shack Fiber Optic Signal Amplifier (15-1588) Toslink connectors

  • Converts composite video to s-video
  • Distributes a single a/v signal to four components
  • Maintains a/v signal strength

6. RadioShack 4-Way 3GHz Cable Distribution Amplifier, Bidirectional

  • Supports high-definition signals up to 1080i resolution
  • Maintains a/v signal strength without degradation or loss
  • Distribute one a/v source to up to 4 devices
  • Can be used with component or composite cables

7. RadioShack 1500320 1-Input/4-Output A/V Component Video Sound S-Video Distribution Amplifier Splitter

  • Mechanical ringer / bell for telephone phone line (rj-11)
  • Pulls enough power from the phone line to provide a 65-75 db ring.
  • Telephone mechanical loud ringer external ( not a radio shack )
  • Ship from and sold by carampandspeaker

8. RadioShack 4-Way Component Video Distribution Amplifier 15-311

  • Adjustable volume and tone controls
  • Requires 9 volt
  • Connects base of phone and handset
  • Ideal for people with hearing impairments
  • Meets fcc standards