Nvidia wants to power the metaverse with its first SaaS product

Nvidia’s announcement of the Omniverse Cloud makes it the latest tech firm to begin metaverse preparations.

Nvidia’s first SaaS offering, announced at the recent Nvidia GTC 2022 event, is meant to assist developers in creating, publishing, running, and experiencing metaverse applications.

More than 700 businesses and 200,000 individuals have signed up for Omniverse Cloud because it eliminates the need for on-premises computing power while providing access to high-performance features like 3D workflows.

Platform: Nvidia’s Cloud-Based Omniverse

Engineers working on autonomous vehicles, which can benefit greatly from Nvidia’s new SaaS thanks to its ability to generate physically based sensor data and simulate lifelike environments for testing safety systems, were used as an example by Nvidia.

The core component that grants designers access to communal 3D data is the Omniverse Nucleus Cloud. This allows them to use tools like Omniverse App Streaming and Omniverse View for collaborative project development and review, as well as Omniverse Replicator for the generation of simulated data.

In addition, there is Nvidia Isaac Sim, a scalable app for simulating robotics, and Nvidia Drive Sim, a tool for simulating the use of multiple sensors in contexts such as autonomous vehicle development.

The Croatian hypercar manufacturer Rimac has already brought on board Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche, which owns 10% of Rimac. Nvidia’s CEO and co-founder Mate Rimac likens his company’s metaverse product to the “instantly adjustable” electric motors of modern automobiles. In a press release on the company’s website, he elaborates on how the Omniverse Cloud 3D car configurator “unlocks endless possibilities for customization without having to manually render each layer,” thereby cutting down on unnecessary expenditures.

WPP, a firm specialising in advertising and marketing, is yet another early adopter of Omniverse Cloud. Chief technology officer Stephan Pretorius says the company’s low-emission production process makes the custom 3D content it has begun marketing to the automotive industry with more environmentally friendly.

With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G5 instances and Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs, you can deploy Omniverse Farm, Omniverse Replicator, and Nvidia Isaac Sim on your own. Moreover, an early access programme based on applications will make Nvidia’s managed services, including Omniverse Cloud, accessible to a wider audience.