Nothing mimics OnePlus’s invitation-only sales policy for Phone 1

Not least because of the company’s PR techniques to keep everyone continually talking about the phone, the Nothing Phone 1 has gotten a lot of attention for a phone that is still not here. Finally, actual phone hardware has made its way into the mix, and reviewers like MKBHD have had a chance to play with it, giving us another another teaser. However, if all of this has made you curious in the Nothing Phone 1, you should know that, at least initially, purchasing one will need an invitation from the firm.

In a new documentary-style short, nothing offers a glimpse inside the company’s inner workings. Toward the end of the video, Carl Pei begins discussing the issues young firms encounter in the manufacturing and supply chain while developing goods like cellphones. Rather than wait for manufacturing to grow up before selling, Nothing opted for the latter option, and for good cause.

We’ve seen corporations tease things for weeks or even months before they really deliver anything. By the time they get around to doing so, the enthusiasm has long since worn down, and there is no longer any interest in the product—or worse, another company has come up with an even better product.

A limited number of gadgets are expected to be available to the public early, but the business will employ an invitation-based system to sell them while it ramps up manufacturing in the background. While its current focus is on early adopters, there is still more work to be done to improve the system.

Invite-only sales aren’t new, and this isn’t the first time. Pei himself co-founded OnePlus and utilised the same strategy. People who wanted the phone desperately had to wait longer, but it also gave the corporation more time to increase production (and stay in the news for even longer, at the same time). OnePlus’s situation worked out OK, but we’ll have to wait and watch how Nothing does.