Nothing about the phone (1) brightness pulled a quick one on us

The phone’s claimed brightness rating of (1) looks to have considerable wiggle room. Contrary to the manufacturer’s claims, the device’s maximum brightness is merely 700 nits.

The Nothing phone (1), according to real-world testing by German technology site ComputerBase (opens in new tab), could not attain a brightness greater than 700 nits despite attempts to simulate conditions that would lead it to meet its promised rating. However, the website for the inexpensive Android phone has not yet been updated to reflect the revised rating, which is 40% lower than its original claim.

Nothing verified the “highest numbers are about 700 nits for brightness” in a statement to ComputerBase. The manufacturer claims the hardware can put out 1,200 nits, but you’ll only get 700 due to software constraints.

“The hardware is capable of achieving up to 1,200 nits peak brightness, however this is presently restricted by the software at 700 nits”. “This choice was chosen to provide a comfortable temperature and battery life for all users.”

However, the firm is certain that a software update will allow the phone (1) to reach the stated brightness.

“Product team feel the range of 0-1200 nits for hardware is correct,” the firm informed XDA. A software upgrade in the near future is being considered so that they can go to maximum 1,200.

Unfortunately, the timing of the company’s distribution of a patch to address this shortcoming is currently unknown. Consumer input is being monitored for whether or not issue should be addressed in future software upgrades, but this is not happening at the moment. There will undoubtedly be consequences for both heat and battery life.