New PS2 Classic ‘Grand Theft Auto Trilogy’ Discovered.

In Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition, may have deleted some series radio station signatures and, in many ways, made the term ‘Definitive’ seem like a joke, but at the very least you can still create an invincible, wiggling, and continuously swelling automobile in GTA III.

To begin, you must locate a taxi. Entering a taxi mission allows you to collect the passenger you’ll need later. While still holding R3, get out of the taxi and hold R3 again.

Once you start your taxi mission, grab a fare and bring them to the Harwood car crusher. After you’ve parked your vehicle with the driver’s side door facing the crusher, get out. You won’t be able to exit through their door while there’s a passenger inside, so instead just teleport away.

Now, your automobile can phase through non-terrain things such as buildings. It will also gradually get larger, which may be hastened by vigorously wiggling it while driving.

The person who decides the distribution of items that will be given to your home or business is known as a packer.

Another aspect of this bug is that it can be fixed in a matter of seconds. Once your car has become a ghost, you may keep it in your garage.