Top 10 Best New Home Theaters 2020

1. RMT-AH240U RMT-AH110U Replace Remote Applicable for Sony Home Theater System HT-NT5 HT-CT790 HT-XT2 SA-NT5 SA-CT790 HT-CT800 HT-XT3 HT-NT3 SA-WNT3 SA-NT3

  • No programming or paring is needed. just insert new batteries to get it work.
  • Power supply: 2x 1.5v aaa alkaline battery. batteries and manual are not included.
  • New rmt-ah240u rmt-ah110u replace remote applicable for sony home theater system ht-nt5 ht-ct790 ht-xt2 sa-nt5 sa-ct790 ht-ct800 ht-xt3 ht-nt3 sa-wnt3 sa-nt3
  • Usa amazon warehouse shipping, fast delivery!
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any query, thanks!

2. New Replacement Remote Control fit for Philips Home Theater System HTD3200 HTS2200 HTS2500 HTS2511 HTS3019 HTS3020 HTS3201 HTS3269 HTS3270 HTS3277 HTS3373 HTS3376 HTS3377 HTS3510 HTS3520 HTS3530

  • We sold is replacement infrared remote control, only put into new battery will work.
  • Please note: if not work, please change brand new alkaline battery instead of rechargeable battery to try, and make nothing is blocking the front of your device.
  • New replacement remote control fit for philips home theater system.
  • The replacement remote control can operate below knowing models: hts5 htd3200 hts2200 hts2500 hts2511 hts3019 hts3020 hts3201 hts3269 hts3270 hts3277 hts3373 hts3376 hts3377 hts3510 hts3520 hts3530 hts3531 hts3538 hts3539 hts3540 hts5520 hts5530 hts5540 hts5550 hts3376w hts3377w hts2200/93 hts2500/05 hts2511/12 hts3019/12 hts3020/12 hts3201/12 hts3269/12 hts3520/05 hts3…
  • If your tv model number is not listed on our model list, please email to us before you order it, we will help you find the right remote control.

3. New XRS500 Remote fit for VIZIO 5.1 2.1 Sound Bar Home Theater S5451W-C2NA S4221W-C4 S4251w-B4 S4251W S3851W-C0 S4251W-C0 with Display Panel

  • Do not need any program, only put into new battery can work well.
  • Work with most vizio hometheater sound bar system s5430w-c2 soundbar remote control 90.76g11.003 (xrs530) s4221w-c4 s4251w-b4 s4251w s3851w-c0 s4251w-c0 vizio 5.1 2.1 sound bar vizio s5451w-c2 s5430w-c2b s5451wc2 s5451w-c2 s5451wc2na s5451w-c2na soundbar remote control 90.76g11.003-r (xrs530)
  • This is new sound bar home theater remote control xrs500 xrs530 xrs551 with display pane xrs551 sound bar hometheater system remote control
  • Usa seller, quick shipping! 30 days warranty!
  • Note: if the remote you received can not work with your device, please contact us, we will reply to you! thank you!

4. New Replace RM-ADU078 Remote Control RMADU078 fit for Sony DVD Home Theater AV System HCD-DZ610 DAV-DZ170 DAV-DZ171 DAV-DZ175 RM-ADU079 DAV-TZ210 DAV-TZ510 DAV-TZ710 HBD-DZ170 HBD-DZ171 HBD-DZ175

  • Compatible with sony dvd home theater system model rm-adu079 dav-dz170 dav-dz171 dav-dz175 dav-tz210 dav-tz510 dav-tz710 hbd-dz170 hbd-dz171
  • No programming or paring needed, just insert new batteries and it is ready for use
  • Aiditiymi new replacement rm-adu078 ir remote control rmadu078 work for sony dvd home theater av system
  • Hbd-dz175 hbd-tz135 hbd-tz210 hbd-tz510 hbd-tz530 hcd-dz310 hcd-dz510 hcd-dz610 hcd-tz715 rmadu079
  • Item location: us amazon warehouse. fast shipping with excellent customer service. package included: 1 x ir remote control. any needs please feel free to contact us, we will help you 🙂

5. VINABTY New RTS7010B Replaced Remote fit for RCA RTS7010B-E1 RTS7010BE1 RTS7110B RTS7630B RTS739BWS Home Theater Sound Bar

  • Just need put new battery to use;
  • Package included: 1 x remote control;
  • New rts7010b replaced remote; no need to set up; but function covered;
  • Fit for rca home theater sound bar rts7010b-e1 rts7010be1 rts7110b rts7630b rts739bws;

6. New RM-ADU005 Remote for Sony DVD/Home Theater Audio AV System DAV-DZ20 DAV-DZ230 DAV-DZ630 DAV-HDX265 DAV-DZ231 DAV-HDZ235 DAV-DZ30 DAV-DZ530 DAV-HDX665 DAV-HDX266 DAV-HDX267W DAV-HDX465 DAV-HDX466

  • Pre-programmed. no program or set up required
  • Package included: 1 x remote (no battery included)
  • New rm-adu005 replaced remote control fit for sony dvd player / home theater audio receiver av system.
  • Compatible with sony dvd / home theater av system: dav-dz20 hcd-dz20 dav-dz230 hcd-dz230 dav-dz630 hcd-dz630 dav-hdx265 hcd-hdx265 dav-dz231 hcd-dz231 dav-hdz235 hcd-hdz235 dav-dz30 hcd-dz30 dav-dz530 hcd-dz530 dav-hdx665 hcd-hdx665 dav-hdx266 hcd-hdx266 dav-hdx267w hcd-hdx267w dav-hdx465 hcd-hdx465 dav-hdx466 hcd-hdx466