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New Features and a Brand New Experience for Google’s Family Link

If you want to maintain some level of supervision over your children’s electronic gadgets, Google Family Link is a fantastic resource. Earlier this week, Google unveiled a completely revamped version of Family Link, including a three-tabbed interface that prioritises frequently-accessed features.

One of the most notable updates is the Controls tab, which is now where you’ll find Family Link’s most useful functions thanks to Google. Time limitations, access to app data, and content restrictions may all be adjusted here. For the days when you want to be a bit more lenient with your youngster than usual, Google is introducing a new “Today Only” screen limit option that will not override any previous restrictions you have established.

If your children are carrying electronic gadgets, you may quickly locate them using the Location tab. In addition to viewing your children on a single map, you can now customise alerts for when they arrive or depart from a predetermined location.

The new Highlights page gives you an overview of your child’s app activity, screen time, and app downloads. When you need to do some fast research on content or online safety, you may use the links provided below to visit sites like Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, and the Family Online Safety Institute.

There is now a Notifications section that may be used as a centralised site to get requests from youngsters. Here is where you can expect them to ask you to download apps, make in-app purchases, and visit otherwise restricted websites.

Family Link’s new web-based experience is now online and available to everyone.