NergenRadio for Alexa

Starting next week, Echo and Echo Dot speakers with a newer software update can use ultrasound to detect occupancy in your home and turn on and off other connected gadgets such as lights or your Fire TV.

You may use this feature in the Alexa app to enable or disable it, as well as establish occupancy routines that utilize it to turn on lights when you enter a room and then switch them off again when you leave.

The function is accessible through the Alexa app on each compatible Echo device, and it’s called Motion Detection.

The Echo Show’s new7 feature extends the functionality of the device. This function is comparable to that of more recent Echo Show devices, which use their cameras to determine whether people are in the area.

To provide different interfaces, Google also employs ultrasound in its Nest smart displays and Nest Mini speakers to detect how close a person is to the display or speaker. On the Mini speakers, for example, it will show volume controls.

There are a number of standalone motion sensors that work with Alexa to establish Routines, including those from Philips Hue, Aqara, and Centralite. This new feature allows you to use one of these extra gadgets to turn on your lights or music without having to rely on one.

To get here, however, Amazon will need to put some more work into the Alexa app.