Nearly 10 million foldable phones were shipped last year, Samsung claims

TM Roh, Samsung’s mobile president, has released a new blog post arguing that the time is here for foldables and that more consumers are picking up foldable phones ahead of Samsung’s next Unpacked presentation on August 10th.

Samsung’s Galaxy foldables were “radical” three years ago, Roh wrote. Though it took just a little time for it to become apparent that this ground-breaking, adaptable design was ideal for modern living, A three-year-old concept is now the favoured choice for millions of people.”

For the year 2021, Samsung predicts that almost 10 million foldable smartphones will be sold throughout the world.

This amount was up 300 percent from 2020, according to Roh’s article, which stated that the sector supplied about 10 million foldable cellphones worldwide. Ross Young, CEO of DSCC and widely-cited display tech expert, released statistics with The Verge that indicates 7.9 million foldables were delivered, while IDC says 7.1 million foldables were shipped. Samsung may be overstating the market a little. According to IDC, Samsung alone delivered 272 million smartphones in 2021; whatever the figure is, it would only constitute a small portion of the smartphone industry.

The data provided by Ross, however, reveals Samsung has an overwhelming lead in the foldable smartphone market. Huawei finished in second with 9.3 percent of 2021’s phone shipments, well below Samsung’s 87.8 percent lead, according to DSCC. Xiaomi got 2.4 percent of the shipments, followed by Royole with 0.3 percent, and Oppo with 0.2 percent. And with foldable shipments expected to reach 27.6 million in 2025, Samsung is going to want to get its hands on as much of the market as possible.

With that said, it’s understandable why Samsung is preparing to roll out the red carpet for its new Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip models, even if they don’t look all that different from last year’s models: Samsung is currently the leader in the foldable smartphone market and wants to extend that position even further. But with any form of release appearing to be at least a year away — and maybe more—Samsung will have another chance to keep its foot on the throttle during its forthcoming Unpacked presentation.