Modder Modifies his brand new iPhone 7 to use a USB-C port.

Despite years of speculation, Apple hasn’t developed a USB-C iPhone, but that hasn’t prevented a robotics engineering student from building one.

Pillionel has spent months working on the project in his free time, according to Apple Insider, and he’s exhausted plenty of USB-C and Lightning cables to reach his ultimate objective of a USB-C iPhone. Pillonel began by making a simple prototype in May that allowed an iPhone battery to be charged through the USB-C connection.

Pillonel reverse-engineered Apple’s unique C94 connector and developed his own flexible PCB design that fits within an iPhone. This week, Pillonel revealed the bendable cable in a final teaser video, showing how the iPhone X with USB-C charges and exchanges data.

The iPhone XS Max is the first major Apple product to be produced entirely of USB-C, following the release of the Apple Watch Series 4 and AirPods 2. The company’s latest smartphones will likely come with a common USB-C charging port, which has just weeks before it becomes mandatory across the European Union for smartphone manufacturers.

It’s uncertain whether Pillonel plans to share information on his bespoke flexible PCB so others may attempt the modification. He is presently studying for a master’s degree in robotics at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.