Microsoft incorporates the purchase of into the Viva Goals module

Objectives and key results, or OKRs, are the goals that any firm has to monitor. These have traditionally been recorded manually in a spreadsheet, but in recent years, numerous entrepreneurs have begun developing software to handle this critical corporate data. ‘

A contemporary employee portal/intranet application called Viva was released by Microsoft last year. No matter what you name it — an employee experience platform, a knowledge management platform, or something else — it’s all about giving workers a single location to keep track of work-related information.

An OKR monitoring software firm called was purchased last autumn and its capabilities is now being integrated into Viva. Private previews of the new module, which will allow individuals, teams, and enterprises to measure their progress toward their internal objectives, were unveiled today by the firm.

Vice president of Microsoft Viva Goals, Vetri Vellore, described the new module. When Ally was purchased, he joined Microsoft.

Our new goal-setting tool inside the Viva platform will make it simple to deliver this purpose and alignment to every level of the business,” the company says. Viva Goals is a new Microsoft Viva module for defining and managing company goals.”

Vellore said his team has been working hard over the last seven months since the purchase of Ally to transition the product into a module for Viva, which was formerly a standalone product. Because the transaction was made to speed up product development, he explains.

Because we viewed this as the greatest approach to drive Ally’s objective — how do we provide meaning to the workplace? — we decided to purchase the company.”

For him, it’s been a constant struggle for all enterprises of any size, but the epidemic intensified this requirement. Managers had to explain objectives more clearly than ever before since individuals were more dispersed.

One of the most common complaints that we get from our workers is that they want greater clarity on how their job relates to the company’s purpose and vision, which was a problem even before the epidemic, he added.

Employees may better understand how their individual efforts contribute to the larger team and company objectives by using Viva Goals. Upon entering these objectives, managers may connect to other work systems and the goal progress can be updated automatically based on the information in these linked programmes, or they can manually update it, depending on the situation.

As of right now, Viva Goals is under private preview. Vellore expects it will be widely accessible by the end of the third quarter.