Microsoft Commemorates Xbox’s Biggest Mistake in a Poster

Microsoft is selling a new poster for $25 to commemorate the Xbox 360’s notorious “Red Ring of Death” hardware fault. The all-too-familiar Red Ring of Death that plagued thousands of Xbox 360 owners 15 years ago – a hardware fault that cost Microsoft more than $1 billion in warranty expenses – is depicted on the glossy, fingerprint-resistant 18 x 24-inch print, which is available from the Xbox Gear shop and can be obtained internationally.

Microsoft is also releasing a six-part online documentary, Power On: The Story of Xbox, alongside the advertisement. This film covers significant elements of Xbox history, including the backstory behind the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death calamity.

20 years of Xbox history, booting up now.Watch Power On: The Story of Xbox for free right now: | #Xbox20 13, 2021

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Not every Xbox 360 owner suffered the Red Ring of Death, but it’s reasonable to assume that those who did were not overjoyed about having to send their machine away for servicing. However, fifteen years have passed since then. Maybe now is the time to look back at things with a more positive mindset.

It’s time for the Xbox to embrace its history.

The Red Ring of Death may seem unappealing to make a poster for a hardware failure that badly inconvenienced gamers – and charge for it – but the Red Ring of Death has certainly acquired legendary status in Xbox history. The poster is yet another example of Microsoft embracing its past mistakes and jabs in a way that has won the approval of many fans.

The team was recently able to turn the internet’s derision of the Xbox Series X’s appearance into a real consumer product in the Xbox Mini Fridge, which quickly sold out. And Microsoft responded to major leaks, such as the existence of the Xbox Series S, in a lighthearted way, delighting fans greatly.

Microsoft has already produced a Red Ring of Death poster, so could we see Sony create its own PlayStation Network hacking poster in the near future? Perhaps a Nintendo-inspired Nintendo meme mocking the Wii U from Nintendo? And may we one day see Google’s glossy fingerprint-resistant mourning for Stadia’s failure, charmingly mocking it with a fingerprint-resistant glossy postcard from Google? Time will tell whether or not this happens.