Maurizio Sarri has been very pleased with Kepa Arrizabalaga’s performances to date – but underlined that he’d be ready to drop him if performance levels were not high

Since Apple announced that Spatial Audio would be available on all devices with an H1 or W1 chip, many businesses have rushed to promote it.

With this upgrade, the Portal team stated that they are not using Dolby Atmos because it is better suited to music and films rather than meditation or being enveloped in a forest or by a campfire.

Ambisonics is a new non-channelized, object-free audio rendering method that simulates sound as a spherical soundfield rather than channels or objects.

Portal aims to help you focus on a project, sleep better, or simply “escape” by using the Spatial Audio technology and a pair of your favorite AirPods.

You can select one of three moods while inside the program: focus, sleep, or escape. Each of these emotions has its own portal where you may enter.

“This release is beyond exciting for us,” says Nick Daniels of Portal.

The audience for this app is incredible.

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