Longevica Raises $2.5M to Expand Research Regarding Life Extension

Longevica, a biotechnology firm operating in the life science sector, revealed this week that it is launching an open research tool so researchers and research institutions can access a data set containing information on the effects of over 1,000 pharmacological chemicals for drug testing.

This is the company’s latest try, which is looking into healthy aging and life extension processes. The firm secured $2.5 million in funding from Xploration Capital to accomplish this.

Longevica revealed the debut of a line of health supplements based on its research in April. The firm was founded more than 11 years ago and has so far raised over $15.5 million in financing from investors, including Alexander Chikunov, a longevity investor and company president.

When the firm emerged from stealth, it was concentrating on finding the best ways to apply its findings as soon as possible and bringing some consumer-ready goods to market, according to Longevica co-founder and CEO Ainar Abdrakhmanov.

“We still move along this path, which includes screening and trials; however, through a series of deep interviews, we found that most scientists in the longevity space lack infrastructure, and we decided to share our internal engine to leverage more research through partnerships and by giving researchers a data platform for their work,” he added.

Anti-aging drugs, another area where longevity is becoming increasingly important, are also a topic of study. The worldwide anti-aging medication market was valued at approximately $8 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach more than $20 billion by 2027.

Meanwhile, Crunchbase News looked into the status of longevity businesses in July and found over 30 companies that are currently operating in the sector, with hundreds of millions of dollars having been raised. For example, Loyal just secured $27 million to study longer lives in animals so that they may be translated to human extendibility.

The following figure illustrates the journey of a company that has just released a new product or service. The project started by Longevica, an end-to-end open research platform, got its start thanks to it.

The aim is to validate the pipeline that connects scientific research to consumable goods, according to Abdrakhmanov.

“There’s a lot of hypotheses around ageing and lifespan, but there’s a clear bottleneck in actually testing those ideas to figure out who might be right,” he added. “Our platform should help the scientific community get a bit closer to the answers.”

The aim was to use Longevica technology, an anti-aging hormone therapy, to slow down the process of aging and extend life. Its original research, conducted by Chikunov and Longevica co-founder Dr. Alexey Ryazanov, tested 300 chemicals and demonstrated significant life extension properties. The firm is close to publishing a peer-reviewed paper on that study.

Abdrakhmanov dubbed it “more of a moonshot project,” but also said that pursuing this path might result in answers much faster and be useful for the entire industry, something its investors were able to witness.

Longevica’s scientists will use the new technologies to conduct a number of additional studies in order to validate their drugs. In January 2021, they’ll start receiving applications from researchers interested in testing their medications in a full-scale pharmacological screening study that will begin the following June.

“Also in January, we will start a public database including marked up data on most longevity-related experiments on mice, both public and some which haven’t been published yet,” Abdrakhmanov said. “The entire platform will be free and open source, even its program code will be publicly available on GitHub.”