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Lacking knowledge of how to create Excel formulas? Use AI

In the last six months, we have discovered the numerous applications of artificial intelligence, including the production of art and the operation of an advanced chatbot. But imagine if it was genuinely useful to you in your work setting.

You’re in luck if your job requires you to use Excel. Excel Formulator is a free service that performs this for you when you register.

The Excel Formulator can translate your English instructions into an Excel formula. “ To use this formula, replace =SUM(C:C) & “Big Spender” with =MAX(C:C) & “Big Spender” to have the highest value in column C assigned to the cell to the right of the “Big Spender” label. Pasting the latter into the formula field of a cell in Excel will save you time, or provide a fast and dirty workaround for individuals who lack an advanced understanding of Excel.

The website made similar claims last year, claiming it could use artificial intelligence to convert a natural-language query into an Excel formula. While ExcelFormulabot is still operational, it has changed to charge a monthly fee of $6.99 for more than five free formula requests. (It should be noted that the $6.99 plan stores prior requests in addition to providing limitless ones.)

If you’ve ever experimented with AI artwork, you’ll know that although it may be entertaining, it may not always provide exactly the graphic you’re looking for. You can never be sure what level of complexity Excel Formulator can readily comprehend and what level of complexity will cause it to stutter. Excel is designed such that false positives are (hopefully) uncommon; if Excel Formulator fails, you’ll notice standard error warnings such as “#N/A,” “#REF,” and “#NAME” in your spreadsheet. Sometimes the way you phrase things can make a difference; for example, I was unable to get the site to look up and copy the contents of a cell in which the row contained a specific word (‘banana’) and the column contained a second word (‘dog’), but I was successful when I used the Excel column name ‘D’ instead.

You may use either site to decipher a formula your colleague created in Excel by entering it into the site’s “Explainer” box.

But here are two takeaways from my trials: Initially, Excel Formulator and ExcelFormulaBot don’t explicitly state the AI models they were trained on, but they likely should to help users choose which is the more advanced option. Second, it’s feasible that older, more popular services like ExcelFormulabot will be more accurate simply because they’ve had more opportunities to learn and improve.

By the way, where did I get the answer to my problem? The ChatGPT website, which can accept text instructions and transform them into comprehensive answers, has gone viral due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Since the site has proven to be so useful, its creators are thinking about making a paid premium version available. not only gave a solution to the aforementioned search difficulty, but also an in-depth, informative explanation: