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After a loud outcry from the open source community, Microsoft has reversed its decision to eliminate a key function from its upcoming .NET 6 release. Earlier this week, Microsoft infuriated the .NET open source community by removing a crucial component of Hot Reload in the forthcoming release of.

It’s a function that many people had been anticipating in Visual Studio Code and across different platforms, until Microsoft made a controversial last-minute decision to limit it to Visual Studio 2022, which is a premium product available only for Windows.

Following a public outcry, Microsoft has reversed the change. “We made a mistake in executing on our decision and took longer than expected to respond back to the community,” says Scott Hunter, director of program management for .NET.

‘When I read your article, I was surprised to learn that you had not contacted Microsoft about the controversial decision.

Microsoft’s press release does not address this contentious decision. Instead, the blog post claims it was a mistake to remove the code rather than simply shutting down the functionality.

“Like many businesses, we’re learning to balance the demands of the open source community while also being a corporate supporter for .NET,’ says Hunter. ‘We don’t always get it right.

Following weeks of turmoil in the .NET community over Microsoft’s involvement with the .NET Foundation, a highly eventful episode occurred. In 2014, when Microsoft made .NET open source, the foundation was established as an independent organization dedicated to improving open source software development and collaboration for .NET.

A rousing debate has emerged around Microsoft’s use of the open source Mono platform. Last year, a heated discussion over Microsoft’s usage of the open source programming language C# overtook Twitter and spilled into other areas. Following the reversal on Saturday, many people are concerned that this may set back progress for years to come.