JerryRigEverything’s interaction with Oppo’s Find N foldable is successful

Foldable phones aren’t for everyone yet, but they’re a rapidly rising part of the smartphone industry, with Samsung reporting that it sold four times as many foldables in 2021 as it did in 2020. Oppo has entered the foldable phone fight with the Find N, a top-of-the-line flagship phone (with a price to match). Will that investment withstand a little mistreatment? A new JRE torture-test movie attempts to answer this question.

JerryRigEverything’s Zach takes the Find N through its paces to see how much punishment it can take. When it comes to scratch resistance, the outer screen and rear panels excel. They’re all constructed of Gorilla Glass Victus, which has a Mohs hardness rating of 6 – it’s one of the strongest glasses on the market right now, and the textured glass panel on the phone’s back actually wears down the razor used to scratch it.

The inside screen is substantially softer due to need. Although the multilayer display has a tiny layer of glass, it is not on top, and the outer plastic layer is fragile enough to scratch with a sharp fingernail (which is par for the course with foldables). Scratching the top anodized coating of the handset’s frame removes it.

When Zach attempts to bend the phone while it’s still closed, it doesn’t budge. And it stands up admirably when he attempts to bend it backwards. The phone is subjected to a lifetime’s worth of filth in a single exposure test, and the hinge performs smoothly and silently even when opened and closed and brushed with soil.

Overall, Oppo’s Find N seems to be equally as durable as any of Samsung’s foldables. This one isn’t officially accessible outside of China, which is unfortunate for foldable enthusiasts.