It’s possible that noise cancellation will not be available on the iPhone 13

Noise-cancellation is one of the accessibility features that Apple included in certain of its iPhones. This simply cuts out ambient noise that might interfere with the audio quality of a call, making it simpler for people who are hard of hearing to understand what’s going on. However, it was not included with the iPhone 13 for whatever reason.

Apple Support informed a Reddit user in December that this was a known problem, implying that the exclusion was not deliberate but rather a defect that Apple had yet to resolve. Fast forward to the present, and it’s been stated that this isn’t a defect, but rather a deliberate omission by Apple.

This is according, which reported on a Twitter chat with Apple Support by one of their readers. According to the representative, “Phone Noise Cancellation” is not a function accessible in iPhone 13 models, which is why consumers are unable to see it. When questioned whether this meant the functionality wouldn’t be supported, the rep confirmed their suspicions.

It’s puzzling why Apple is leaving this important function out of the iPhone 13, particularly because the business is known for touting how they strive to provide features that all of its consumers can enjoy. It was previously speculated that it may be due to hardware changes, which would explain why it isn’t supported on the iPhone 13, but until Apple provides an official answer, it’s anyone’s idea.