It’s Called the Solana Saga and Retails for $1,000 in Cryptocurrency

Oh my, it seems like we’ll have to go back to a vow we made concerning OSOM’s first phone, formerly known as OV1. Even before the OV1 was announced, I predicted that we wouldn’t be hearing about it again if it had the term “crypto” anywhere in its name. It’s a cryptophone, guys. Man, I’m sorry.

Now known as the Solana Saga, the OSOM phone was officially unveiled today under the brand name of web3 business Solana Labs, although it was clearly created by OSOM. This is more evidence that Saga is really OV1-compliant.

“It’s time for crypto to go mobile” and “a flagship-quality Android smartphone purpose-built for crypto” seem to be Solana Saga’s slogan at the moment. Saga is also “tightly connected with the Solana blockchain, making it simple and safe to deal in web3 and handle digital assets, like as tokens and NFTs,” according to its website.

Solana Saga is a character in the Solana Saga series, and here is everything we know about her. To book a phone for $1,000, you’ll need the Solana crypto wallet and a $100 deposit (which is totally refundable). The phone will be available in the United States, California, the European Union, and the United Kingdom starting in the first quarter of 2023.

Because of its impressive list of features, it’s likely that we’re still talking about it. With 512GB of storage, an FHD AMOLED display at 120Hz, a 4100mAh battery, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5, and WiFi 6, the Solana Saga has all the bells and whistles of a high-end smartphone. One of the two cameras in the phone is a 12MP ultra-wide lens (IMX373, f/2.2, 120° FOV). In terms of size and weight, the phone measures 166.2mm by 75.9mm by 7.9mm.

OSOM’s CEO, Jason Keats, provided the following remark on Saga:

“OSOM is incredibly excited to partner with Solana in building the Saga. The world needs novel hardware companies to support the future that is Web3. Building out an ecosystem that looks to the future without being burdened by past legacy ecosystems is hugely exciting” says Jason Keats, Founder and CEO of OSOM Products Inc.

Orders will be prioritised for developers to test the Solana Mobile Stack and Saga, according to Solana. It would be nice if we could simply purchase one at some point for people who aren’t interested in the crypto realm or who aren’t developers. Ultimately, it seems to be an Android smartphone with a high level of security that would be suitable for regular use.

The Essential team is also constructing this, and we know how capable they were when it came to hardware development and software maintenance. That original Essential phone was a disaster, so they promised huge things about this phone’s camera and said they’d learnt a lot. However, we’ve been excitedly expecting its arrival no matter how crypto-centric it currently seems to be. Because of the people behind its construction, it’s still worth looking into.