Is the 7.2GHz overclock on the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU enough to pose a threat to Intel?

Overclocking AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X with exotic cooling has been documented at speeds greater than 7.2 GHz in a recent leak.

Using CPU-Z screenshots, Twitter user Tum Apisak boasted that the 16-core Zen 4 flagship could hit 6.5GHz on all cores and 7.247GHz on a single core. We used liquid nitrogen to chill the system.

In order to overclock to a total of 6.5GHz on all cores, a voltage of 1.465V was needed (the single-core high was achieved with 1.506V).

We should always use our own judgement when interpreting a leak, but given that the Zen 4 processor is already available and being tested by many people (including reviewers and overclocking experts) before its impending release on September 27, it’s not surprising to see a lot of leakage happening around the processor.

It’s a showdown between two of the biggest names in modern technology

These are obviously very impressive baselines for the Ryzen 9 7950X, and we can expect to see the flagship CPU go even faster once it is released and overclockers have had a chance to get a firm grasp on it. (Keep in mind that novice overclockers are quickly surpassed by professionals; the 7950X hasn’t even been released yet, and already new records have been set).

However, some may recall recent leaks regarding Raptor Lake, Intel’s next-gen CPUs that will compete with Ryzen 7000, and how the 13th-gen flagship (13900K) has already surfaced showing it can be overclocked to an incredible 8GHz (not an area Intel has been anywhere near for a long time with overclocking potential).

However, it’s not wise to put too much stock in raw clock speeds; processor performance is determined by a number of factors, including the IPC (instructions per clock) improvements introduced with each new generation. Don’t forget that Zen 4 is a completely new architecture that promises a huge improvement for AMD.

An extremely recent leak demonstrates that AMD’s Ryzen 7950X is already setting benchmarking world records with standard cooling, surpassing previous records set with exotic cooling. As a result, the performance of this flagship on liquid nitrogen should be truly remarkable. The competition at the pinnacle of next-generation processors promises to be exciting for enthusiasts interested in turbocharging these flagship models, especially in light of reports of Raptor Lake reaching truly eye-opening overclocks.