iPhone 13: Two Phil Schiller interviews and one Apple Event highlight.

I thought, when Apple released the original iPad Mini in late 2012, ‘This is it; the ideal form-factor for tablet gaming.’ I pulled out the tiny gadget everywhere I went, displaying off its 7.9-inch screen and how nicely it fit in my enormous paws.

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There’s no more home button, nor is there a lightning cable. It’s fitted with an attractive 8.3-inch liquid retina display and a potent A15 Bionic processor.

Apple ditched the home button on the iPhone X in 2017.

I was absolutely devastated. The presence of a home button and the fact that this ‘new’ gadget still utilized Apple’s proprietary lightning cable proved to me that, while Apple didn’t value the Mini as much as I did, it cared about it enough to include a certain amount of features.

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That’s why it came as such a pleasant surprise last month, when Apple launched the iPad Mini 6th generation, the company’s first major redesign of the tablet since its debut in 2012. There are no longer any thick borders on top and bottom to house the home button and components.

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The sixth-generation iPad Mini is roughly the same size as an Xbox One controller. It’s simple to transport both in a bag for on-the-go gaming. I have a huge library of controller-ready games at my fingertips at all times thanks to Apple Arcade and a subscription.

In most situations, I prefer the iPad Mini to the newest iPad Air. For lengthy periods of time, the smaller size is more comfortable for me to grip. It’s slightly larger.

In fact, I’ll only reach for the iPad Air instead of the Mini when I want to read graphic novels. I’m not getting any younger, and bigger is always going to be better for me when it comes to reading text bubbles.

I’ve been playing games on my iPad Mini for a few weeks now, which is longer than I’ve gone without playing anything on my iPhone or iPad Air in months. It’s so simple to pick up and play whenever I want to enhance my Marvel Future Revolution characters or play a few more rounds of Zookeeper World.

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The new iPad Mini, like its 2012 predecessor, is rapidly becoming my favorite device for short gaming sessions. Heck, even though it’s on my over-bed computer desk inches from my mouse and keyboard half the time I’ll reach for it instead of reaching for my PC when I need to look something up fast.