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iPhone 12 shocker as Apple’s dramatic price increase revealed

Catherine A. Leal



Apple is not exactly the cheapest brand in terms of hardware. In a country like India, the iPhone 11 Pro is next to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the most expensive smartphone.

It can be argued that the unique form factor is the reason for the relatively high price associated with the Galaxy Fold. However, he does not excuse that the iPhone costs as much as it does.

Well, if you want to believe the latest reports, the price of iPhones will be much higher, mainly because of phones equipped with the next generation of 5G mobile technology.

According to a recent Apple Insider report, renowned analyst Apple Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple’s decision to charge each iPhone 12 2020 with 5G will lead to dramatic price increases.

According to the report, “Kuo thinks that the motherboard of the iPhone 5G 2020 will have to increase by about 10% to adapt to the new technology.This increase of surface will be expensive – the production of the motherboard and certain new technologies antenna will increase the cost of building this component by 35%. ”

According to Kuo, the motherboard is one of the most expensive components of an iPhone. Only the OLED display and the A-series processor cost more. Apple Insider said: “Currently, the 5G options for transit phones increase the price of an expensive flagship phone, such as the Galaxy S10, by around $ 400.”

In a related report from Forbes, “Although Apple has unprecedented profitability, the company also has profit margins, which means that the decision to equip any new iPhone in 5G will be difficult.” be able to reduce his current premium; However, it seems pretty obvious that Apple fans have to accept the significant price increase of their next iPhone.

This is all the more discouraging as several leaks indicate that iPhones 2020 are among the best that the company has ever published. The main feature here is the return of Touch ID. However, there are other enhancements such as new screen sizes, superb ProMotion 120Hz displays, long-range 3D cameras, and the much anticipated move to USB Type C.

With all these technologies, the next iPhone will not be cheap.

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