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In order to cover Apple’s commission, Twitter will charge $11 for Twitter Blue and Twitter Verified Badges

Elon Musk is apparently prepared to revive Twitter Blue. Users may have to fork up an extra $11 per month for the new version of Twitter Blue.

Musk has opted to charge $11 per month for Twitter Blue in order to compensate for the fact that he would not be paying the 30 percent developer fee that Apple and maybe Google demand for their app stores. Credit: AFP for the Image

There were two key factors that slowed down the service’s restart. As a first step, Musk and his team sought to devise a failsafe method for Twitter Blue, one that would enable them to immediately remove imposter accounts purporting to represent well-known businesses and people. Second, Musk aimed to devise a means through which Twitter might avoid paying the 30 percent fee that Apple takes from app developers with yearly sales of more than $1 million.

Musk and his Twitter team have come up with the concept of using coloured badges in addition to labels to designate various sorts of accounts in order to prevent account impersonation. Twitter will provide three different badges, including a special “gold” badge for businesses and organisations. A grey badge with a label will be issued to government entities. Last but not least, from now on, only regular people, not only celebrities, will be given the blue tick.

Musk has opted to charge monthly Twitter Blue users more to avoid paying the fees that Apple and maybe Google charge app developers.

The Information reports that Musk has informed some employees that the monthly cost of a Twitter Blue subscription would increase from $8 on the web to $11 on the App Store or the Google PlayStore.

With the increased pricing, Musk could still earn around $8 per customer per month after Apple takes its 30% cut in the first year the service is available on the App Store.

The App Store’s pricing standards were recently updated by Apple, allowing developers more freedom to charge whatever they see fit for app downloads. As Apple now allows developers “to alter pricing at any moment,” Musk may be able to lower the cost of Twitter Blue if his decision to charge more for it in the App Store leads to fewer paying customers.

It would be fascinating to watch how those who liked Musk’s original notion of charging $8 per month for a verified credential respond to the price hike. It will also be fascinating to watch how many people subscribe to Twitter Blue through the Twitter website.

It’s important to remember that Twitter Blue members get access to a wide variety of options that free users do not. Editing previous tweets is one such function that is only available to those who have upgraded to Twitter Blue. In addition, Twitter is reworking Direct Messages (DM) and introducing a number of new features. These enhancements will very certainly be accessible only to paying subscribers.