In April, Apple’s iPhone was the most popular smartphone in the world

For the second month in a row, Apple dominated the smartphone market.

iPhones accounted for half of the top 10 selling smartphones in November, according to Counterpoint Research. Samsung and Xiaomi were the next two most popular brands. While Samsung’s four models made up only 22 percent of the company’s sales in that month, Apple’s top 10 smartphone models made up 89 percent of its sales, according to the research.

According to a survey, the number of top sellers with 5G virtually doubled in April 2021 compared to the previous month.

The month’s best-sellers list saw an increase in the number of 5G-enabled smartphones, rising to a new high of seven models and up from four in the same month last year. The 5G smartphones on the list represent a third of the total 5G smartphone sales. 5G capability has become a standard offering in flagships and its presence is increasing in lower price bands as well.
Counterpoint Research, Top 10 Smartphone Share for April 2022

In terms of sales, the iPhone 13 was the best-selling model, followed closely by the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to statistics. The iPhone 12 and the iPhone SE were the company’s best-selling models in Japan, with the iPhone SE taking the top spot.

Apple continues to do well with three of its latest iPhone 13 models capturing the top three spots. Unlike its last generation, the non-Pro iPhone 13 model has maintained a lead every month since launch and has done better than the Pro variants in terms of sales in most large markets.

The recently launched iPhone SE 2022 saw triple-digit MoM growth, entering the top 10 list. The model has done particularly well in Japan where it topped the sales chart for April and captured 18% of the nation’s smartphone market share. It is doing less well in the USA, however.
iPhone 12 captured the 4th spot with increased sales in Japan and India. It is the sole model in the list which was present in the best-sellers list in April 2021.

We’re just a few months away from Apple announcing the iPhone 14 models during an event in the autumn, which is incredible to think about.

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