I read it because I enjoyed reading the first book. The first book (Fifty Shades of Grey) was better, but this wasn’t bad either. I thought it was well written,

Yes, we still don’t have a PC version of Bloodborne, but in 2021, fans will be able to play Bloodborne PSX, a fan-made demake of the first portion of Bloodborne that includes boss fights and more.

It’s a great day to release a new Bloodborne PSX trailer, especially since it’s Halloween. This impressive retro remake contains almost all of the features and gameplay mechanics from the original game into a smaller, more spooky-looking PS1-style package that looks both faithful and authentic.

There are many of your favorite Pokémon on this Funko Pop vinyl calendar, including Pikachu, Eevee, and Mew.

For the past year, she’s been posting near-daily Twitter threads chronicling Bloodborne PSX’s development.

If you want to witness the first 10 minutes of Bloodborne on the PSX, the developers have uploaded a video on their YouTube channel.

After all that effort and all those teases on Twitter, you’ll be able to play this demake when it launches next year on January 31.