How Well A Game Might Run On Your PC: Xbox App For Windows

The disadvantage of PC gaming is that, unlike consoles, it is extremely probable that your ten-year-old PC will be able to play newer games at the same level as more up-to-date builds. This is due to the fact that console game developers have specific hardware to work with, making it simpler for them to build around it.

This is comparing to PC developers, who have a wide range of options to consider. If you’d like a better idea of how well a PC game will perform on your computer, Microsoft is testing out a new Xbox app feature that will provide game tags with information about how well they’ll run on your PC.

By using these labels, you may search for games and filter them to look for ones that are likely to run well on your PC rather than those that your PC might barely meet the minimal requirements for. The problem, however, is that this only applies to games from the Xbox app.

This implies that if a game isn’t accessible through the Xbox app, you’ll have to figure out the system requirements on your own. Keep in mind that this functionality is still under development, so it isn’t available to everyone yet; not all games currently feature these performance classifications.