How to Apply an Electric Toothbrush as a Musical Instrument

An inspired musician may use anything as a musical instrument, but this just-in-time Halloween cover of the Ghostbusters theme song takes a surprising turn. Device Orchestra is dedicated to releasing music videos recorded solely with the sounds of common household gadgets.

An electric toothbrush with pipe cleaners for arms, which belts out the familiar refrain in a tone similar to that of a musically-inclined bumblebee, stands front and center.

A line of receipt machines produces the sound of synths, while another electric toothbrush undulates beneath a white cloth. A typewriter clicks away in the background, with the buzzing of a body trimmer, a nail polishing device, and an epilator (which is a hair removal tool if you didn’t know).

This is more enjoyable to listen to than the actual Ghostbusters theme, I’m guessing. It’s fascinating how each device’s noises combine together; yet strangely soothing.