Horizon Forbidden West Clawstrider statues may earn you a PS5

Sony has built life-size replicas of one of Horizon Forbidden West’s robotic dinosaur robots in a few places across the world.

With feather-like neck plumes and a retracting toe held off the ground, the Clawstrider is a new machine introduced in Forbidden West.

On February 18, 2015, 15 1:1 scale robo dino sculptures surfaced in numerous places to advertise and celebrate the game’s release. They may be seen across the world, including outside the Sydney Opera House, Madrid’s Plaza Del Callo, London’s Waterloo Station, Moscow’s Depo FoodMall, Seoul’s Lotte World Tower, San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza, and New York’s Time Square.

Each one is 3.5m tall and will remain until February 24. The Clawstriders are positioned differently in each of them. The copies in New York, San Francisco, and Sydney even included an Aloy cosplayer dressed as Nora with a bow.

Sony has started constructing sculptures of all kinds. The game’s debut saw a white Aloy statue uncovered in Florence, Italy. The monument, titled ‘The Placeholder,’ is meant to be an emblem honouring strong women throughout history.

Best marketing gimmick

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At least these Clawstrider duplicates aren’t just a marketing gimmick. But they’re the greatest type of marketing gimmicks, with additional prizes to be won.

Each copy has a little plaque etched with a string of buttons from Sony’s PS5 Treat Codes promotion. In the next weeks, PlayStation will be distributing 14 tickets to be entered online to win a free PS5.

Visiting the PS5 Treat Codes webpage in your browser and answering a question will get you in. Do that and you’ll be entered.

If you live in Sydney, tweet a photo of the Clawstrider monument for a chance to win Aloy’s Spear or Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition.