Top 10 Best High Temperature Paints 2020

1. Stove Bright 6304 Stove Bright High Temperature Flat Black Stove Paint

  • Stove bright paint withstands temperatures up to 1200° f!
  • Works best when stove bright paint prep used beforehand!
  • Professional grade, high quality, stove spray paint
  • Dries fast, holds color & easy to apply!

2. Rust-Oleum 7778502 Heat Protective Enamel, Quart 32-Ounce, Bar-B-Que Black

  • Rich, satin finish resists up to 1200° f
  • Renews and protects surfaces subject to heat up to 1000 degree f
  • Premium, fast-drying formula
  • Satin finish
  • For use on grills, wood-burning stoves, radiators, engines and other metal items
  • Premium, fast-dry formula offers superior durability and color retention for indoor and outdoor high-heat applications

3. POR-15 44116 Black High Temperature Paint Flat – 8 fl. oz.

  • Resists cracking, chipping, and peeling
  • Can be used on manifolds, headers, exhausts, and stacks
  • Withstands temperatures up to 1200 fahrenheit – 648. 8 celsius
  • Weather, salt, and moisture resistant

4. Rust-Oleum 249340 Automotive High Heat Primer Spray Paint, 12 oz, Gray

  • Oil based paint with stops rust formula provides rust resistant base coat for cars, trucks and other vehicles
  • Spray paint offers outstanding heat resistance for metal surfaces up to 2000°f
  • Specially formulated to prevent rust and is recommended for use on automotive engines and other metal surfaces which reach intermittent temperatures up to 2000°f (1093°c).
  • For best appearance, top coat with rust-oleum high heat paint
  • This item is not for sale in catalina island
  • High heat primer spray paint is designed for use on metal surfaces such as automotive engines, mufflers and more

5. Krylon K01607000 High Heat Max, Black, Gloss, 12 ounce

  • Withstands temperatures up to 1200degree f intermittently; up to 600degree f continuously
  • Dries in 10 minutes or less
  • Maximum color and finish protection
  • Premium rust resistance
  • For use on grills, bbqs, fire pits, wood-burning stoves and heating radiators

6. Krylon K01707077 High Heat Spray Paint, Aerosol, Flat Black

  • Dries tack-free in 15minutes or less
  • Not for use on cooking surfaces
  • Withstands temperatures up to 1200° f intermittently; 600° f continuously
  • Protects against rust

7. Rust-Oleum 270201 Specialty Silver High Heat Ultra Spray Paint, 12-Ounce

  • Elegant design and finish
  • Helps prevent rust, corrosion and chipping
  • Coverage for up to 15 square feet
  • Cleans up with mineral spirits
  • The product is 12oz slv hi heat paint
  • The product is manufactured in united states

8. Rust-Oleum 241169 High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray, Black, 12-Ounce

  • Rich, semi-gloss sheen
  • Do not use in areas directly exposed to flames (e.g., inside of grills or fireplaces)
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Superior color and sheen retention after repeated heating
  • 12 oz. spray

9. Design Engineering 010301 High-Temperature Silicone Coating Spray – Black

  • Penetrates, seals, protects and prolongs the lifespan of exhaust wrap
  • Protection from abrasions, hot oil spills, and road grime
  • Lasting protection for any hot surface up to 1500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Works equally well on exhaust headers, pipes, engine blocks, and other applications where coatings are required
  • Recommended for use with dei non-titanium exhaust wraps

10. Rust-Oleum, Flat Black 248903 Automotive 12-Ounce High Heat 2000 Degree Spray Paint

  • Stops rust formula. rust preventive formula resists oil, gas, grease and environmental elements including rust, salt, humidity and more
  • Durable, long-lasting finish, provides a protective finish that hels items last
  • Gas and oil resistant. ideal for automotive parts exposed to intermittent temperatures upto 2000°f including exhaust, manifolds headers and more
  • Any-angle spray with comfort tip. dries to touch in 30 minutes and covers upto 10sqft. for optimal performance allow product to fully cure according to instructions on label
  • Any-angle spray technology allows the can to be sprayed in any direction, even up side down