Here’s how new Assassin’s Creed games may be streamed on Nintendo Switch and smartphones

Thanks to a new relationship with Gamestream, Ubisoft is trying to improve its game streaming services — and may soon be introducing Ubisoft Plus to more platforms.

Gamestream’s video game streaming technology will assist Ubisoft in furthering its efforts in the industry – most likely by enhancing its Ubisoft Plus subscription service – with a focus on improving “how players interact with in-game menus during broadcast sessions.”

Ubisoft Plus already lets PC users to download and play games and DLC from a library of over 100 Ubisoft titles, with new games added the day they are released, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

A streaming version of the service is available on Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, while Ubsifot Plus will soon be available on Xbox, according to another recent statement. It’s unclear if this version would enable people to broadcast games or just download and play them natively like they can on PC.

While the Xbox isn’t mentioned in the latest announcement, the press release suggests that streaming will become a bigger component of Ubisoft’s commercial strategy – and not only on Xbox systems.

Is Ubisoft Plus coming to Switch and mobile devices?

Although Ubisoft did not mention releasing Ubisoft Plus on any other new platforms in this presentation, we feel Gamestream’s UI upgrades will be just what the service needs to debut on smartphones, tablets, and the Nintendo Switch.

To begin with, this agreement isn’t really necessary in order to bring Ubisoft Plus to Xbox. On PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna, the service is already controller compatible, and menus can be accessed just fine with thumbsticks.

Although navigation may always be enhanced, Ubisoft should not work with a third-party team instead of using its own in-house UI developers until it has more ambitious ambitions for Ubisoft Plus — goals that need more specialised skills.

Instead, we hope that this agreement will deliver Ubisoft Plus to platforms with various controller layouts and smaller displays, such as the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Both Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming are accessible on smartphones and tablets, and game streaming has already delivered AAA titles like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Control to the weaker platform; Ubisoft may be motivated to follow suit by its competitors.

This theory is backed up by Gamestream’s own website, which claims to be able to “create a great cloud-gaming experience for your consumers, enabling them to play on any device.”

Why couldn’t Gamestream bring the same advantages to Ubisoft? Gamestream is already adept at broadening the reach of a streaming platform, so why couldn’t it do the same for Ubisoft?

We’ll have to wait and see whether our suspicions are accurate, but don’t be shocked if Ubisoft extends its streaming services to mobile and Switch in the near future – and we’re certain PS5 owners will be able to participate as well.