Healthy Living with Alexa: Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser

Before the COVID-19 era, hand washing wasn’t a topic of conversation. We now seem to be fixated on soaps and sanitizers than ever before. You may never know who washed their hands prior to handling anything, therefore this hands-free Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser is a fantasy come true. There’s no need for physical contact; you simply put your hands under the nozzle and it squirts the precise quantity of liquid handwash.

We’re particularly fond of the fact that this Smart Soap Dispenser works with Alexa. You’ll appreciate washing your hands a lot more once you’ve set up and linked the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser with an Alexa device like the Echo Dot or Echo Show. You can establish a timetable, play music automatically while you rinse, or even inquire about jokes using Alexa.

This year, on Black Friday, Amazon is cutting the price of the Smart Soap Dispenser by 31%. Take advantage of this discount to acquire all of your favorite smart home gadgets. You’ll never have to try counting to twenty while washing your hands again – the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser has a timer built in.The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser has a high battery life, which is excellent news if you care about the longevity of your device’s battery. A single charge will last you approximately three months.

That’s more than enough juice to get through a quarter! The Smart Soap Dispenser also addresses the other more obvious fear of utilizing electronics around water. Amazon took care of that as a safety precaution, with the Smart Soap Dispenser being splash-resistant by design. It’s a great little gadget to have, all around. If you have kids that don’t want to wash their hands, this will surely pique their interest in the process.