Halo Infinite’s Factions Could Be One of the Game’s Biggest Selling Points.

On Monday, Microsoft’s 343 Industries debuted the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite, and while the response has been largely positive, players despise the battle pass.

This is what we discovered with the game, as well. My premium battle pass is only at level 2 after four hours.

This is something the development team is looking into, according to 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard.

343 Industries has referred to the early release of Halo Infinite as a beta, although the developer is calling that first season ‘season 1’ and selling the battle pass for $10 — a fairly regular price for most shooters — rather than referring to it as season 0, or pre-season.

There’s no word on what changes 343 Industries may be planning, or when they’ll arrive. When the game officially releases on Dec. 8, at the very least, a large patch will be released for Halo Infinite.