Google’s Pixel Stand is now available for preorder.

Despite a few difficulties with the preorder procedure and delivery, Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have arrived in the world, and now the firm is ready to sell an improved version of its Pixel Stand for wireless charging on your desk or side table.

It essentially functions the same as the original, automatically changing the phone’s user interface to display photo frames or shortcuts to your Nest Security cameras when docked.

However, in an attempt to justify the relatively high price, Google is claiming that the new Pixel Stand charges phones at a faster rate. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro can charge smartphones at up to 21 watts using their 30W chargers, which is about as fast as you’ll get with the Pixel 6 Pro when plugged into one.

Is it better than the newest iPhone 13 versions? The quickest charging available on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is unable to match the iPhone 13 Pro Max that can charge at 27W when connected directly to a strong charger.

A 23W wireless charger is included.

Later, don’t get too hung up on trendy colors.

Made By Google provides an easy way to browse through the collection of creative products that are available for purchase.

After the debut of Google’s new Pixel Stand, we wrote that ‘if you’re really into this sort of thing,’ it’d be worth checking out.

The original Stand is still available on Woot for $28.99 if you like the design and software modifications but don’t need the speed.