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Google’s elusive foldable phone is shown to us for the first time in purported Pixel Fold renderings

Though Google’s radio silence on the expected foldable Pixel model nearly extinguished our expectations, speculations and leaks have kept us optimistic that the search giant would eventually release a device that can compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The Pixel Fold could be more than just a fantasy now that a huge leak has surfaced.

Jon Prosser, who released the Pixel 6 and Pixel Watch designs, is back with another leak, this time breaking the beans on the rumoured Google Pixel Fold, which might possibly be dubbed the Pixel Notepad. On his Frontpagetech website and YouTube channel, Prosser has shown a number of what are presumably renderings of the foldable tablet. Allegedly, Prosser’s unnamed sources served as the basis for these 3D animations. If these are accurate, we are witnessing Google’s first foldable smartphone from practically every aspect for the first time.

The renderings suggest that the Pixel Fold may have borrowed the rear camera design from the Google Pixel 7 Pro, which features a camera bar that covers the top of the device’s back panel. According to prior speculations, the phone would contain a 64MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, and a 10MP telephoto sensor.

It also appears like Google’s rival for the greatest folding phones would look more like the Oppo Find N than a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold model. The rendered device, when folded up, appears to be broader than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its predecessors. The fingerprint sensor would supposedly be located on the device’s side, and it was previously speculated that the device would have a Samsung display.

Also, the inner screen, which ostensibly houses a selfie camera, appears to have thick borders all around it. At the same time, a cutout for a second selfie camera, which is more accessible when the phone is folded, can be seen in the upper centre of the external screen.

Also, Frontpagetech and Prosser say the phone will cost $1,799, the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Predictions that the foldable phone would be reasonably priced were completely wrong, as the $1,400 price tag shows. Two possible colour options for the gadget are white (Chalk) and black (Obsidian) (black). According to Prosser’s sources, Google plans to debut the Pixel Fold in May of 2019.

Android Central has contacted Google for comment and will update this post accordingly. Since the Mountain View, California, corporation has not officially announced the Pixel Fold, you should treat this leak with caution for the time being.