Google’s Chrome browser on Android has new Material Design look, but it’s only on the beta version for now.

Google Keep is one of Google’s most important applications. I personally utilize it a lot since the ability to take fast notes on your phone and access them from any device is really useful.

When you compare the new and old versions, it’s obvious what’s changed. The search bar has been redesigned to resemble a pill, the floating action button has been updated to look like a rounded square, and colors in your wallpaper palette will shift. This is how other apps with Material Design have previously been updated.

Keep is now available on the Play Store, but it’s unclear whether or not Google has pushed out a new version. Keep v2 appears to be widespread right now; you may see the new interface with the rounded + button on Android 11 if you’ve installed the most recent version.

Unfortunately, the new widgets are being introduced in stages (groan). Some users with version 5.21.361.07.40 have received them, whereas others with the same version did not.