Google Pixel 6’s Biggest Innovation Might Be Its Price.

The lack of weather in At a Glance on the Pixel Launcher is one of the more aggravating bugs in Android 12 Beta 5.

More Android 12 users are turning on weather in At a Glance. There are at least six new At a Glance reports this morning. It’s being rolled out via the server side and cannot be manually triggered, but hopefully wider availability is on the way soon.

10/8: Beta 5 redid the layout of At a Glance so that the Pixel Launcher’s constant widget is now left-aligned rather than centered at the top of the screen. While the day and date are shown, temperature and weather condition are missing.

A user in r/Android_Beta on August 31st reported the return of At a Glance weather.

According to a Reddit user, who claims to have found the ability in a recent build of Android P, they ‘just happened to notice’ when Google’s weather function returned on the homescreen and lockscreen/always-on display.

Google will most likely follow up on this change and make it simple for users to access weather. Because of this fault, users have been forced to utilize the Google Weather homescreen shortcut as a substitute.

Android 12 has several features for many users to enjoy.