Google opens TV service up to all on Android TV

Google TV users will soon be able to use multiple user profiles, allowing everyone in a family to have their own personalized environment with their Google account.

According to Google, as users watch television, their profile takes into account their preferences and interests in order to assist them discover more material that they’ll like. Parents may also create a children’s profile so that their kids may access films and shows while under their care.

“To start, type ‘show me my day’ into Google Home. Also, say ‘what should I watch?’ or ‘help me streamline my day,’ and you’ll get recommendations for video content to enjoy.

The Ambient Mode screensaver will also continue to be available as a way for Android users to enjoy their screen while they’re not using it. Google said the feature is being enhanced with more personalized information and recommendations cards, making it similar to a screensaver.

Google announced several new features for Google TV in May. It introduced the ability to access live TV streaming services, including YouTube TV and Sling TV, through its platform.

Chromecast with Google TV and Google TVs from Sony and TCL will begin rolling out support for profiles and the new ambient mode functionality in the coming weeks.