Google Meet will soon get a significant security update

One of Google Workspace’s most frequently used features is receiving a substantial security improvement, making it simpler to keep your data secure.

Client-side encryption is now available for Google Meet, ensuring the safety of your video chats and the information transferred during them.

“Direct control” over their data and encryption keys should be given to users of the video-conferencing service, with neither Google nor any of its partners having access to this information.

Encryption in Google Chrome

Users will be able to manage their encryption keys and the identity service they use to authenticate those keys directly via Google’s Meet service, which currently encrypts all user data while at rest and in transit between Google facilities.

The solution might be valuable for those conversations that need an additional degree of anonymity, such as those in highly regulated sectors where compliance is critical, according to the business.

On top of that, Google claims the upgrade is “another big milestone,” promising users “the maximum degree of safety and control over their data.”

Even Google itself would be unable to access audio and video information “under any circumstances” if the change is activated, according to the statement.

Those that join the session before the organiser arrives will also have to wait till they arrive to initiate the client-side encrypted conversations. Google also warns that features like cloud-based noise suppression or closed captioning, which rely on server-side processing or parsing of call material, will not operate.

In an update blog post (opens in new tab) announcing the development, Google Workspace said: “Bringing Client-side encryption to Meet is another key milestone in Google Workspace’s industry-leading encryption efforts, allowing our customers the greatest degree of safety and control over their data.”

It will start with online users and go on to meeting rooms and mobile devices in the near future. Google has promised that visitor access to the new secure calls would be available in the near future, but for now, only Workspace members may be invited.

Customers of Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus may begin using the service right away. Currently. It will not be available to users of the following G Suite plans: G Suite Basic and Business; G Suite Essentials; Education Fundamentals; The Teaching and Learning Upgrade; Frontline; or G Suite Nonprofits.