Google Maps Now Uses Real-Time Commute Updates.

Google released Material You clock widgets with Android 12 Beta 5 last month.

It has a scalloped perimeter, but rather than the weekday and date, the seconds dots are now (and rotating) opposite the minute dot.

Hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed by the hour hand. The date window is at the 3 o’clock position, while the hour hand is just an outline.

Similarly, Digital, Stacked, and World now provide a ‘Transparent’ design (versus ‘Solid’) in which the colored background has been eliminated to allow users to view their wallpaper.

Google Clock has added a ‘Stopwatch’ widget to its lineup. It follows YouTube Music’s most recent feature with the ability to start/stop in the bottom-left, as well as the capacity to start a new lap or restart quickly.

The Google Clock app, which is the best-known Material Design clock widget for Android devices, has been around almost since the beginning. The Google Clock 7.0 – with a Material You redesign – debuted with Android 12 Beta 5.

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