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Google launches OpenTitan, an open-source secure chip design project

Eric L. Hannon



Although there are many ways to infect applications on a computer, ours, cybersecurity, is about firmware and chips. Google wants to make sure everyone can create a trusted root at the chip level with their Open Titan project. This project aims to establish an open common reference design.


This allows many people to improve the original design and increase the security of implementation.

Google announced that it has partnered with a number of nonprofit companies and organizations to launch a new initiative called OpenTitan. The goal is to develop a secure open source chip design for data centers and infrastructures. These designs can be examined and developed independently.

The project is named after the Google Titan chip, used in its datacenters and pixel phones, confirming the launch of a known trust status and ensuring that the firmware has not been tampered with.

The cryptographic element used for verification is called the root of trust (RoT) and is at the heart of the OpenTitan project.

According to Google, OpenTitan is operated by the non-profit association LowRisc, which is supported by other partners. These partners include ETH Zurich, Nuvoton Technology, G + D Mobile Security and Western Digital. However, the project’s open source concept ensures that it is platform-independent and can be adapted to any device.

The basic principle of RoT is that the software can be run on components considered safe with “authorized and verifiable code”. According to the Google blog, the benefits of silicon RoT include:

Make sure the devices are booted with the correct firmware without being infected with malware.
Provide a cryptographically unique computer identity so that an operator can verify that a server or device is legitimate.

Protect secrets such as tamper-resistant encryption keys, even for people with physical access (for example, when delivering a server or device).

Provide infallible, authoritative monitoring records and other security services at run time.

The company hopes to increase confidence and security by promoting transparency through open source silicon design, while fostering innovation. Problems can be resolved quickly and implementations can use common interfaces through an open reference design.

Apple uses its own RoT chip, called T2, in many of its devices. Samsung implements a version of Secure Boot on its Knox platform, while many Windows PCs also implement Secure Boot.

While some of Google’s motives are skeptical, the overall goal of the OpenTitan project seems to be accommodating and hopefully encourages chip makers and platform designers to more easily integrate the RoT into their designs.

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Will take to protect the crops of farmers Solar cold with 5 MT capacity Storage, will get 50 per cent grant

Charles M. Poole



They now do not have to resort to private cold storage nor against itThey will have to pay higher prices. Please tell the 2.5 tonne of cold storageThat the most important feature is that it is that it not only solar power but power andThrough the generator can also be operated. This is not yourThe requirement can be installed away from one place to another place. thisLast days on was discussed at a meeting of the state Horticulture Development SocietyAnd due to the extremely economical agreed to provide benefits to all farmers in the stateAlso went reported.

From 02 to 10 degrees centigrade cooling capacity

He said that 10 degrees centigrade to 02 of the portable cold storageBy cooling capacity farmers can protect their crops. them outWill not take recourse to any other cold storage. Jha said that the 250Fruits in plastic crates (capacity of 20 kg), vegetables, flowers, etc.The controls can be stored at temperatures. Especially fresh fruits, vegetables, flowersThe increase in the income of small and marginal farmers as well as save wastepossible.

Extremely economical Cold Storage Room

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See prior to recharge in Jio, Geo ₹ 149 to ₹ 399 to plan, the These big changes

Susan J. Dupre



Indian telecom arrival Reliance live in the world, with advantages for customersIt is assumed. Recently live has changed some of its plans said. WhichCustomers ₹ 149 that plan will now have the advantage of free call service. For knowledgeWould like to do that, now IUC to call on other networks in geoRecharge has made. Its also live in such ₹ 149 to ₹ 399 of the PlanThe big change. So prior to recharge the live of these plansTake note.

₹ 149 a Plan

Geo customers plan now will validity of 24 days. other than thisCustomers calling to 300 minutes to other networks with unlimited live voice callsAre being granted. Also 1.5 GB of data per day in this Planwill get. Its subscription Live Premium app with daily 100Are given message.

₹ 399 a Plan

Also live is to change the ₹ 399 to plan. Which later clientsTo get the free call service plan ₹ to IUC charged with 10Will happen. Customers will get the plan now ₹ 410. Wherein UnlimitedGeo are given 124 minutes IUC calling with the call. Also day1.5 GB of data will be for 84 days. 100 en: SMS live with everydaySubscription to premium applications are given free in this plan.

Do you provide a recharge ₹ 149 to ₹ 399 with plans to live. If so,Please Like and Comment below pressing follow.


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Oppo has announced will soon launch on India’s powerful phone

Charles M. Poole



Oppo said issued a press release that he will soon have a new F-SeriesLaunch smartphone. The company says that Oppo F15 make their way into IndiaIs absolutely ready. As the name suggests, Oppo F-15 F-11F will succeed 11 Pro. After two was launched in March this year.According to Oppo, F15 will be lighter and fashionable. However, some of the phoneAlso did not disclose the specifications. However, a teaser image that weOffers our first look at the upcoming device.


Usually, Oppo F-series focuses on Selfi we at Oppo F 15Powerful front can expect the camera hardware. Also, OppoBy sharing went teaser image with a shiny metal frame glossy finishRunning around the phone. Power button is also coincides with the color tone. ItsIn addition, the rear camera module shown long. Therefore, Oppo F15 your rearCameras can be a vertical-align the lens array.

To recall, Oppo F-11 and F-11 Pro is a dual rear camera setupThe Sport. Therefore, be at least two rear camera Oppo F 15.However, just looking at the trend, it also sports a quad rear camera setupCan. Because more is expected to disturbing the Oppo F15 specificationsWe are close to the launch date.

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