Google delayed the Pixel 6 upgrade in December, but is just now acknowledging it

Google made a huge announcement about a fresh Pixel feature drop on December 6, 2021. The update brought a slew of new capabilities for Pixel smartphones, with the majority of them aimed at the Google Pixel 6 series. This was the first quarterly release for that series since it debuted in October.

However, several individuals have claimed that they never received the update on their Pixel 6 phones this month. Worse, those who did get the update reported a slew of faults and issues. Some of the issues are very aggravating, as they are connected to lost calls. Finally, Google has confessed that between December 6 and today, December 30, the Pixel 6 December 2021 update was halted.

Google confesses in its statement that it has already found a solution. The repair must be hard, though, because it won’t be available for Google Pixel 6 phones until “late January.”

Although it doesn’t say so, it’s evident that Google halted the Pixel 6 December update’s release well before today. It’s sad that the corporation only felt compelled to make an official announcement about it on December 30, just hours before the year’s conclusion.

Problems with the Pixel 6’s December update? But, oh well

Unless you were unfortunate enough to receive the update, Google has bad news for you. For the time being, the only remedy to lost calls is to revert to an earlier version of Android. Of course, this necessitates a factory reset of your phone. Ouch.

You’ll need to choose between a factory reset or living with dropped calls for a month.

About the only alternative is to bear with the lost calls until Google releases a remedy in “late January.” That implies you might be without service for a month. Ouch, twice.

To be honest, it’s shocking to watch Google function in this manner. For starters, it plainly delayed its upgrade before to revealing it. It’s taking forever to send out a repair (a month, seriously?) and people’s only other choice is to factory reset their phones. This is all a shambles.

If you’re running the Pixel 6 December update right now, you’re faced with a difficult decision. If you want to do a factory reset, you’ll find the necessary information and tools here.