Gamers are unhappy because the Windows 11 22H2 failure is causing Nvidia GPU framerates to drop

Unfortunately, it seems that Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft’s first major update for its newest operating system, has introduced some annoying issues, including poor gaming performance, for some users.

Reddit (and other websites) have been receiving a lot of complaints about these Windows 11 issues, as Windows Latest reports (opens in new tab).

Some players have reported that their frame rate has dropped, negatively impacting gameplay, and that the audio quality has also suffered due to the problem. Other players have reported frames per second (fps) drops causing games to stutter.

According to Windows Latest, Nvidia is conducting its own investigation into these issues and has asked affected gamers for data to help it pinpoint the problem. Nvidia and Microsoft are looking into it, so hopefully a solution will be available soon.

Some Windows Insiders who tested Windows 11 22H2 in the months leading up to its release complained about sluggish gameplay, and Microsoft has been accused of ignoring their feedback. It’s not looking good for Microsoft that they released this update before fixing those issues.

While the update is being installed, some users have reported seeing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

Microsoft needs to get a handle on these issues and make sure they aren’t too pervasive and that they’re fixed promptly. Otherwise, Windows 11’s image might take another hit.

Solution to Windows 11 22H2’s Subpar Performance for Games

Uninstalling Windows 11 22H2 appears to be the simplest solution if the update has caused poor gaming performance. Those who have tried this report an improvement in gameplay.

To do this, launch the system’s menu system by clicking the gear icon in the Start menu. Select ‘System,’ then ‘Recovery,’ and finally ‘Go Back’. If you see “Go back to early build,” select it to roll Windows 11 back to an earlier build.

There is also the option of waiting for the aforementioned bug fixes to be released by Microsoft and Nvidia. This will most likely be released as either a new version of Nvidia’s drivers or a new version of Microsoft’s hotfix software.