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Free T-Mobile WiFi is available to all Delta passengers

T-Mobile and Delta Airlines have announced a new agreement this week, with the latter providing free WiFi to all passengers with a SkyMiles membership beginning on February 1. T-Mobile customers were already able to stay connected for free, but now they can keep texting and surfing even at 30,000 feet.

This is great news for everyone who travels Delta and has a SkyMiles account, and it’s comparable to what T-Mobile has been providing Alaska Airlines users. In addition, if you are a Delta customer and have not previously done so, you should join up for SkyMiles because it is free.

Free WiFi will be rolling out to most domestic mainline Delta flights starting February 1, with more than 700 aircraft expected to offer free WiFi by the end of 2023. Expansion to international and regional routes is expected by the end of 2024. The service includes free WiFi all flight long — available on smartphones, tablets and laptops. To connect, passengers simply need to log in to their Delta SkyMiles account – or sign up for free – while on the ground or on the plane.

Excellent strategy. I appreciate it, Delta and T-Mobile. It’s the year 2023; WiFi access shouldn’t cost anything.