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Free privacy for everyone Users of Ghostery can now pay with their knowledge instead

A digital privacy firm has just abandoned paying subscriptions despite the fact that the cybersecurity software market is projected to generate over $100 billion by 2026.

Instead of relying on a traditional business model, Ghostery, the company behind one of the finest adblockers available, has decided to establish a contributor programme. This will assist maintain the software and encourage user participation in its development.

Ghostery has always had a free plan, but more sophisticated features have cost a subscription price. Users’ knowledge or dedication to protecting their personal information online can now be traded for other goods and services.

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The enhancement of privacy at no cost

According to CEO Jean-Paul Schmetz, “Ghostery began with a group of people who were motivated to put the power of the internet back in the hands of the public.” Since then, our user base has exploded, and now millions are supporting our mission to ensure that everyone has the right to privacy in the digital sphere.

For instance, you may put your programming skills to work by contributing to the betterment of the software infrastructure; all Ghostery products are open-source and can be inspected by anyone on Github. WhoTracks.Me has a massive database of web trackers and you may report ones that are missing.

If you’re not a programmer, you may still help out by being a vigilant user who alerts the service’s support team to issues whenever you encounter them. Or, if you’re really dedicated, you may get full access to Ghostery’s privacy suite just by sharing its material on social media.

However, monetary gifts are still welcome from anybody who wishes to help. The cheapest monthly package is $3.99, while the most expensive costs $8.99.

There is also the option of a “contributor-free” account. The browser’s ad blocker and private search engine within make it ideal for use in this context. However, if you show your support for the service, you’ll have access to additional settings that will give you greater control over the information you make public online.

To further elaborate on this choice, Ghostery’s Director of Product Krzysztof Modras stated that “tech monopolies continue to discover new methods to capture and abuse user data,” making user feedback more valuable than ever.

According to Schmetz, a real user cooperation is going to be at the heart of Ghostery’s ambition to create a web that puts its users first.

In a time when customer data is more exposed than ever before, he added, “The contributor programme shows our continuous commitment to this mission and increases access to vital privacy tools.”