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Facebook could use video selfies to fight fake accounts

Laura J. Wilson



Like all social networks, Facebook also has a bot problem. However, the company is testing a new feature that uses people’s faces to verify their identity. However, the method does not use facial recognition.

The feature, discovered by applications researcher Jane Manchun Wong, invites counterfeit owners to hold their mobile phones, position their faces in a circle of screens and slowly turn their heads to confirm they are not bad are.

Wong posted some screenshots of the selfie-like verification system: “We need a short video in which you turn your head in different directions, so that we can confirm your identity and verify that you are a real person. ”

The researcher writes that the tool expressly states that no one will see the video and it will be deleted 30 days after confirmation. However, with Facebook’s notorious reputation for user privacy, some people may be concerned about using this feature.

The news comes when the company announced that up to 100 developers could have accessed data from group members.

Wong writes that the feature is based on facial recognition and that’s the case, but Facebook says it’s not. “This test is one of our steps,” a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat. “No face recognition is used, instead it detects motion and determines if a face is in the video.”

Facebook has also confirmed that only accounts suspected of being fake would be invited to submit a video selfie.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook points out that the verification method does not use facial recognition, particularly in connection with the US $ 5 billion fine levied by the FTC, in part because of the use of the feature.

According to the agency, about 30 million users could not be sufficiently informed about the detection tool.

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All plans have changed Jio, now so depreciation charge is 84 days, View full list

Eric L. Hannon



The telecom industry is currently made up the atmosphere of fierce competition. CustomersFavorite company Reliance Jio other from last October 9, 2019 consideredCalls on the network began to take charge. So, now live customersThe charge IUC rate by 6 paise / minute for calls to any other networkHave to pay. Also now live has introduced some new IUC plans.Which led to a change in the geo-existing plans.

So will charge 84 days

The Geo add the IUC plan new charge to customersHave given. However, customers who want to make calls to other networks onlyWill have to IUC recharge. The live, even if you live your numberThe most popular 84 days with 399, you also shall be charged Rs10 must be with an RS IUC recharge. Ie you Rs 409Recharge will benefit the plan with 84 days.

Also live 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and IUC voucher of Rs 1,000Are provided. In which the customer has all the minutes to other networksWill. Can be used to live customer will be able to call on other networks.

If you want to charge a higher call minutes it also rechargesWhen you can see in my Live app. If you do live calls LiveIs it does not give you money for it.

Also to call landline Geo company no chargesWill. Also calls by the messaging app via the InternetGeo does not take a fee.

What if you also provide a charge with 84 days Geo Yes Like and followOr comment down below.

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Tech News

Who comes into the account of gas subsidies, came good news, happy for them Bouncing will you

Catherine A. Leal



Government of India has introduced gas subsidy scheme for the Awam facility.In which the gas subsidy on purchase of gas cylinders to citizens. But thereMany citizens who buy the cylinder every month, but its subsidyIt would not in their account. The gas subsidies in those accounts suchThis is the big news for them.

Gas subsidies would not come due amputated them around the gas offices.Even then asserts not solve their problems. Problems such citizensTo understand the government has introduced a new service. Knowing you happy aboutAnd will jump. There you home with your gas subsidies and associated otherWill be able to troubleshoot problems.

The government has launched a new feature

Indeed, the government has launched a new online feature. Which byOnline only be achieved car subsidy information about your gas cylinder. ItsIn addition you will be able to change your address.

Benefits will be able to

You must be logged-in to the gas company to use this feature.After which you can go on-line services using the user name and passwordWill. Here you can know the status status of its gas subsidies. AlsoThe address of your gas cylinder can also be updated.

What you eat also get subsidies if so, like and follow by pressing downPlease comment.


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So angry the customer Jio Jio cast give customers the good news

Catherine A. Leal



The giant telecom company Reliance Jio for consumers benefitOnce again the 98 changes in prepaid plan of Rs. After this update nowUsers will receive SMS over earlier in this pack. The company said a few days agoWas launched this plan in the Indian market. However, the expensive price plans JioAlso come into effect from December 6.

In addition, Airtel and the Vodafone-Idea prepaid plans on December 3Price increased. Since then, the competitive market among the three companies in telecomdeveloped. After this new update to Live, now the users in this plan JioThe total will 300 SMS facility with 2 GB of data. Previously, the company 98Users rupee Plan was a 100 SMS.

Also, can make unlimited calls to subscribers Live network. although,Users pay IUC charges for calls to other networksWill happen. These IUC charge starting price of vouchers 10 bucks. However, this chargePlan deadline is 28 days.

Source: Amar Ujala

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