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Facebook could use video selfies to fight fake accounts

Laura J. Wilson



Like all social networks, Facebook also has a bot problem. However, the company is testing a new feature that uses people’s faces to verify their identity. However, the method does not use facial recognition.

The feature, discovered by applications researcher Jane Manchun Wong, invites counterfeit owners to hold their mobile phones, position their faces in a circle of screens and slowly turn their heads to confirm they are not bad are.

Wong posted some screenshots of the selfie-like verification system: “We need a short video in which you turn your head in different directions, so that we can confirm your identity and verify that you are a real person. ”

The researcher writes that the tool expressly states that no one will see the video and it will be deleted 30 days after confirmation. However, with Facebook’s notorious reputation for user privacy, some people may be concerned about using this feature.

The news comes when the company announced that up to 100 developers could have accessed data from group members.

Wong writes that the feature is based on facial recognition and that’s the case, but Facebook says it’s not. “This test is one of our steps,” a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat. “No face recognition is used, instead it detects motion and determines if a face is in the video.”

Facebook has also confirmed that only accounts suspected of being fake would be invited to submit a video selfie.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook points out that the verification method does not use facial recognition, particularly in connection with the US $ 5 billion fine levied by the FTC, in part because of the use of the feature.

According to the agency, about 30 million users could not be sufficiently informed about the detection tool.

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Samsung caused panic in the market has been launched with making the world’s first yogurt Refrigerators

Laura J. Wilson



South Korean smartphone maker Samsung to make gadgetsBe provided Indian users to the company’s smartphone, TV and refrigeratorCome love this company be one of the best features and new productsShe goes. Samsung has now launched refrigerators blower first yogurtNamed Curd Maestro ™. It is the world’s first refrigerator. thisHelp to keep refrigerator food itself, but also help to yoghurtDoes.

Curd Maestro ™ refrigerator company make in India Innovation that IndianIs designed keeping in mind. The National Dairy Research Institute(NDRI) process has Test and yogurt in the refrigeratorRecommended also. In fact, this product for the Indian users a betterThe choice may be.

Curd Maestro ™ is a separate part of the refrigerator. The process of making yogurtEasy. If you make yogurt at home, it takes a lot of time.Yogurt takes 5 to 6 hours walking the clean way. If you are soft andMaking thick yogurt refrigerator has solved this problem. It is notJust makes yogurt, but also store it. Curd Maestro ™ refrigeratorsSmart convertible 5 have been dealt with in the first Twin Cooling technology. It 244Liters, 265 liters, has been dealt with 341 liter and 336 liter capacity. in thisFive modes are given. First Normal, one extra shopping, third vacation, fourthSeasonal and fifth home alone.

At the same time you will keep potatoes and onions in the fridge. For the fridgeBase stand has drawer. It made keeping in mind the Indian usershas gone. It has been introduced with the new design Paradij Bloom and web. hisCapacity is 253 liters. Models of Curd Maestro prices ranging from Rs 30,99045,990 to Rs.

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Who comes into the account of gas subsidies, came good news, happy for them Bouncing will you

Charles M. Poole



Government of India has introduced gas subsidy scheme for the Awam facility.In which the gas subsidy on purchase of gas cylinders to citizens. But thereMany citizens who buy the cylinder every month, but its subsidyIt would not in their account. The gas subsidies in those accounts suchThis is the big news for them.

Gas subsidies would not come due amputated them around the gas offices.Even then asserts not solve their problems. Problems such citizensTo understand the government has introduced a new service. Knowing you happy aboutAnd will jump. There you home with your gas subsidies and associated otherWill be able to troubleshoot problems.

The government has launched a new feature

Indeed, the government has launched a new online feature. Which byOnline only be achieved car subsidy information about your gas cylinder. ItsIn addition you will be able to change your address.

Benefits will be able to

You must be logged-in to the gas company to use this feature.After which you can go on-line services using the user name and passwordWill. Here you can know the status status of its gas subsidies. AlsoThe address of your gas cylinder can also be updated.

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Currently feeling like the rich are 5 smartphone, you must see

Charles M. Poole



Friends, today we are going to talk about smart phonesRich offer as warm and let’s know about these 5 smartphones.

1. iPhone X MAX

iPhone in IPhone X X Max 12 + 12 megapixel dual camera. other than this,7-megapixel front camera has been given and smartphone all kindsThe 208 gram weight with connectivity and is a very powerful smartphone.

2. Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus

Samsung 12GB RAM and 256GB storage Galaxy S10 Plus and 2 frontFacing camera are given. The different designs. 3.5 mm audio jack for phoneUSB Type C battery port and 4100mAh and the wireless chargingSupports.

3. Oppo Find X

Headphone 6.4-inch AMOLED display and smartphone * 1080 1440Pixels comes with the resolution. The 93.8 percent smartphoneScreen-to-body ratio and screen almost Bezale lace and Snapdragon 845Comes with the processor.

4. OnePlus 7 Pro

The smartphone is the best smartphone OnePlus with powerful 48Megapixel camera and comes with 90 0 Hz display, which OIS andIS both support. Using other camera photography lensIs used.

5. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The display of 6.39 inches with a OLED display smartphone. In 1440* 3120 pixel resolution and it comes with 498 ppi pixel densityis. Smartphone 40 + 20 + 8 megapixel triple available rear camera setupis. There is also a front facing camera of 24 megapixels.

Friends you have Which smartphones in 5 smartphone? Comment BoxDefinitely tell.

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