Even after the series conclusion, ‘Severance’ is still a top-ten streaming success

Despite having ended two weeks ago, the new mega hit Severance on Apple TV+ is still in the top ten of streaming’s most popular shows.

According to Reelgood’s rankings, Disney+’s Moon Knight is the top streaming programme for the second week in a row, ahead of HBO’s The Batman and Better Call Saul on HBO.

As of this writing, Severance is among the top 10 series on Apple TV+, even though it aired its last episode on April 8th.

There have been a lot of individuals who have expressed concern about the timing of a performance about the workplace two years after the COVID-19 outbreak, and Dan Erickson said the show resonated with those who have worked for “soulless” corporations earlier in the week.

In a snippet from the WSJ Erickson said he was worried about the timing of the show because of the impact the pandemic had on office work:

“I was like, oh God, we’re making the most comically ill-timed piece of art ever made because it’s an office show as offices are going extinct,” he said.

The show made its debut in February and, to his pleasant surprise, people found the topic of work-life balance more relevant than ever after two years of pandemic living.

There is already a second season of Severance in development, and the first season is already accessible in its entirety on Apple TV+ on all of Apple’s most advanced smartphones, tablets, and computers as well as the top TVs for Apple TV 2022.