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Edge: The Best Place to Stream Xbox One Games

If you only use Microsoft Edge to download another browser, you might want to reconsider your habits because it’s about to become the greatest tool for enjoying Xbox Cloud Gaming services. A new Cloud Gaming feature called Clarity Boost will be introduced exclusively to Microsoft’s first-party browser – and if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can try it out right now by downloading Microsoft Edge Canary.

Clarity Boost, as the name suggests, improves a stream’s picture clarity and detail for the player. The image below is a good illustration of this. With Clarity Boost switched on, the figure model appears clearer; their facial hair and scars are more apparent, and their skin glistens in a way that makes it appear more lifelike.

The feature allows users to adjust the width of their videos. We aren’t sure how Microsoft is doing it, especially since all we’ve heard about it is that it uses “client-side scaling improvements,” but we believe this tool is comparable to the one you’ll find on most modern TVs.

You’ll find that they all include AI that can improve an image without requiring a lot of processing power to various degrees of success, from premium brands like Samsung to more budget-friendly options like Toshiba. We anticipate Clarity Boost will start out on the low end and gradually grow in performance as it matures until it’s released as a full version of Microsoft Edge next year.

On this topic, if you want to test out Edge Canary’s new Cloud Gaming technology, we recommend keeping your existing browser installed because Canary is the company’s more experimental browser. You’ll find all of the newest features and updates in it, but with the caveat that they may not yet be fully optimized.

You are far better than you imagine.

The fact that we’re recommending a Microsoft-made browser may make long-time techies scratch their heads and pinch themselves, but Edge has come a long way since Internet Explorer – an app that earned a reputation for being truly awful.

Users complained that the Explorer browser was sluggish and lacked as much update richness as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, alleging this was owing to Microsoft’s monopolistic control of the market, which disincentives it from releasing updates. Because Explorer is pre-installed on Windows, it became the de facto standard – and by extension, most popular – option for most users.

Developers were also put off by the platform, since Internet Explorer wasn’t always the best when it came to following web standards. A website that looked beautiful on all other services might look terrible on Explorer. The Explorer platform was considerably improved in later versions, although the browser’s reputation had been irreparably damaged.

Even now, Microsoft has a widespread reputation problem, even if many of these issues aren’t as relevant to Microsoft Edge, which we consider is the finest internet browser today.

Edge is fast – significantly faster than several rivals – as a result of various optimisations that aid in minimizing CPU usage. It also includes a slew of customization possibilities and simple-to-use yet comprehensive privacy tools that are easy to understand and use.

In the words of our writer, if Microsoft can find a way to make this service less toxic for its customers, then it will have a fighting chance again.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming Clarity Boost function should hopefully draw some gamers back to the network and show them how much better Explorer used to be before it was ruined – members of our staff are currently downloading Microsoft Edge Canary in order to give it a try.